SBR Risk management

SBR is an innovative risk management software, designed to meet the needs of mid-size companies, no matter their type or structure. It allows you to manage risks systematically from one point, and thus address all the critical areas that undermine the success and vitality of your organization.

All-in-one insights, intuitive control and various modules

Control over critical areas that threaten the vitality of your organization

Risk identification, mitigation and control from one point

Identify, assess and mitigate risks. Create the conditions for an agile business.

What is risk management?

An organizational risk exists when an event or the development of a particular situation is unexpected, consequently leading to deterioration in the company`s financial result. This is especially case in organizations which deal with risks only partially, and occasionally, when risks already lead to a negative outcome. Such a way cannot withstand neither produce satisfactory results.

Enterprise risk management is an ongoing process that ensures your organization deals with risks continuously, and in the long term at the level of the entire organization. For this, you need knowledge, real-time data, and an integrated approach. This is why we believe that an effective solution to managing organizational risk can only be one that combines the principles of risk management and risk measures on one platform, which thus becomes crucial in shaping your business goals and revenue growth.


Why do you need an integrated solution for risk management?

As your company grows, your complexity grows. Manually-led processes and an increasing number of risks, makes the challenge of managing them more and more difficult. Information dispersed among departments obstruct business operations and prolong time to make informed decisions.

Risks are managed with better outcomes in companies that understand risk management is a relevant business area which needs continuous attention, time and responsibility to fully comprehend their interconnection. SBR platform helps you aggregate information and make them transparently available, anywhere, anytime. Complete comparability of different risk areas brings immediate contributions to all departments and stakeholders, and opens new business streams.

Dispersed and not standardized data
Risks not integrated into business strategy
Lack of meaningful insight, limited action
Weak integration
in business processes
Repetition of errors,
cost increasement

Why choose SBR Risk management?

Silver Buller Risk platform has a simple and friendly interface, helping stakeholders and authorized employees to easily contribute in accessing and managing organizations risk. By systematically leading them to evaluate risk exposure, need for cash flow and capital, probability of insolvency and the company`s credit rating, Silver Bullet Risk implements risk management culture into organizational processes, connecting business and KPI to risk management.
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Create a collection of all the risks that the company faces by establishing the Risk register.


Evaluate and decide how serious risk is and quantify in monetary units based on cash flow, profitability, and firm value impact.


Execute strategies to reduce risk, assign risk owners and organize risk treatment tasks.


Track risk realization and record underlying risk drivers through Key Risk Indicators. Control that risk treatment performs well.

Connect your risks with key performance indicators. Enforce the risk mamanagement culture in all organizational processes.

Improvements for your organization

Direct impact on EBITDA

Save time spent on managing risks

Lower cost of risk realizations

Lower capital and liquidity needs

Lower business volatility

Compliance with regulation



Automated analytics


Risk management life-cycle


Advanced visualization


Incident root cause analysis

SBR - Upravljanje škodnih dogodkov - Katalog škodnih dogodkov

Full traceability of risk estimates


Incident reporting

SBR - Upravljanje škodnih dogodkov - Prijava škodnega dogodka

Data export


Risk owners & task notifications

SBR - Upravljanje škodnih dogodkov - Analiza škodnih dogodkov

Key risk indicators

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