Increase business performance and security by effectively managing all key risks in one place

Silver Bullet Risk is the leading brand in the field of comprehensive risk management in Slovenia.


Make better business decisions with a comprehensive overview of risks, prevent catastrophes on time and link risks to key performance indicators.
In today’s business environment, the risks for companies are enormous. Some stem from the competition, others from the natural market and environmental factors. Our consultants guide you to link risk indicators to performance indicators to help you provide a secure foundation and avoid potential adverse outcomes, thus allowing you to progress by making informed business decisions.


Gain practical knowledge and useful risk management tools, train employees, involve different departments and promote a culture of success.
We offer you support in all phases of risk management, from risks identification to the implementation of processes and digitalisation. That way, employees working in risk management are equipped with practical knowledge and dedicated tools that help them identify risks faster and at different levels of the organisation, respond to them in real-time and based on analysed data adjust activities, plans and work processes.


Manage risks and loss events from one place with ease with the help of a user-friendly and technologically advanced software.
In an increasingly digital world, technology is also helping us to systematically monitor, reduce and prevent activities that can cause crises and limit organisations in achieving their goals. Silver Bullet Risk software is the result of domestic knowledge and many years of development in risk management. Through comprehensive risk control, it helps business leaders and decision-makers systematically identify and address all critical areas that threaten an organisation’s performance and vitality.

Reduce threats. Mitigate risks. Maximise business value.

Improvements for your organisation

From an administrative to a practically usable system

Timely identification of risks and real-time management

Key risk indicators connected to key performance indicators

Critical information in one place

Actively involved stakeholders

Direct impact on EBITDA

Empower stakeholders. Connect departments. Grow the culture of success.



Jure Habbe

Jure Habbe


Jure has been involved in marketing and sales to business customers and organizational management for over twenty-five years. He is a recognized professional, and author of professional books and seminars for business sales. He is also the man behind the first online magazine for professional sales in Slovenia.

Božo Recko

Božo Recko


Božo is an experienced consultant with a proven history of working in the fields of information technology, communication and service industry. His expertise lies in information security management, and software architecture design and development, and is successfully converted into Silver Bullet Platform.

Amadej Jankovič

Amadej Jankovič

Product manager

Amadej is a highly creative individual with strong analytical and organisational capabilities, striving to achieve excellence in any work he does, expressing his skills through the product development process.

Igor Zgonc

Igor Zgonc

Founder & CEO

As a successful entrepreneur and a longtime industry expert, Igor advocates a holistic approach in managing business risks. Based on an assessment of various risks and accessible measures, he advises organizations and helps them understand the impact of key decisions on the company value.

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