SBR Loss event management

SBR Loss event management is a comprehensive solution, supporting your company to systematically identify incidents and manage losses from one place.

Manage the entire loss event cycle from one place

Automate overview of loss events, improve reporting and measurement of claims

Simplify management and reporting related to a particular loss event

Without recognizing the risk, you cannot successfully manage it.

What is a loss event?

Despite active approach and numerous measures taken, from time to time each company is faced with unforeseen situations, often leading to a financial loss. This is why we define loss event as an organizational risk which has materialized.

Oragnizational challenges in loss event management

Incomplete overview, partial solutions

 Loss events happen everywhere, and often. Without a full overview, we can mistakenly believe they are individual cases.

Dispersed data among tables and users

We often possess data on loss events on various tables, among various users. Among many disadvantages, the worst case can lead to their complete and permanent loss.

Loss of time and resources

Dispersed data on various forms and in different tables leads to a great loss of your team`s time for input, analysis and reporting.

Lack of responsibility

Too often loss events are dealt with only partially by motivated individuals. This reduces the impact they have on the entire organization.

No connection to business processes

Loss events remind us something is wrong. If we choose to ignore them, a higher risk with significant material, business or other damage can materialize.

Hidden costs

Each loss event has a financial impact, which is usually negative. Without our in-time reaction, many hidden costs can resurface.

Why choose SBR Loss event management?

SBR loss event management is a simple and intuitive tool for loss events management. 

It gives your organization a comprehensive overview of the loss event cycle, allowing you to simply manage loss events, and carry out relevant analysis and reports. 

Most importantly, it gives you the right information to take action in a timely manner.



Record, analyse and manage all loss events from one point.


Keep track of development, and take informed decisions.


Prepare and export reports for different time periods, and in different formats.


Automatic alerts remind you of the coming hands, and increase your company culture by assigning responsibility.

Reduce negative effects of loss events. Speed up the processes that lead to rapid improvements.

Improvements for your organization

Improve response time

Not necessarily all measures taken are effective. A systematic overview of loss events shows you where to take action, and points you in the direction on the threats you might have overlooked.

Monitor the financial and other impacts

Continuous monitoring of financial and other influences gives you the data and arguments to justify the cost of prevention, or to claim reimbursements.

Find the root cause

The cause of the loss event often stays undetected. By identifying it, it is easier to prevent the event to repeat or escalate.

Build your own knowledge base

By disposing of historical data, taking appropriate measures, and evaluating their effectiveness becomes easier.

Comply with requirements and regulations

Unify and standardize data to easily comply with legislation.

Systematically collect and retain evidence

The overview of a loss event helps you to identify causes and responsibilities, and collect evidence to successfully resolve the procedure.


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Report loss event

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Manage actions

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Loss events catalog

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Loss event analysis

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Automatic reminders

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Manage users

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Customization for your organization

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