The Silver Bullet Risk software ensures that all risk management data is transparently collected and at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.

It brings full comparability of different risk areas, helps all departments and stakeholders contribute to success, and directs your employees to create new business opportunities.

Comprehensive insight, intuitive management, versatile modules

Control over critical areas that threaten the vitality of your organization

Identification and assessment of risks and risk management measures from one point

Information dispersed across departments hinders business and prolongs decision-making time.


As a company grows, its complexity also increases. Entering data manually, recording risks and tracking actions is becoming demanding, thus allowing more room for error. A realization that threats are ubiquitous and therefore need to be monitored regularly helps you manage the area better.


The risk management activity requires your attention, time and responsible persons who understand the field and the interconnectedness of risks between functions and departments. Silver Bullet Risk platform helps your personnel streamline related processes and capture information to support their decisions and prevent threats from appearing.


The right time to incorporate a risk management tool comes with realizing that the existing risk management process is not proving practical and not giving useful results. When significant areas of the organization are excluded, and risks are being assessed according to different and incomparable criteria, you might not have a realistic overview, nor valuable data on the history of threats to be taken into consideration.

About our software and modules

Silver Bullet Risk software has a user-friendly interface that allows authorized personnel to manage organizational risks easily from a single point. It directs all stakeholders to systematically assess risk exposure and anticipate cash and capital flows, insolvency and company creditworthiness. This way, you can directly link risk management with business performance indicators and effectively introduce the risk management culture into all organizational processes.


SBR Risk management solution for comprehensive organizational risk management ensures that all critical data is transparently collected and accessible to all stakeholders in the process from a single point of view.


SBR Loss event management for loss events management gives your organization a comprehensive overview of the claims cycle and allows you to take action on time. You can also perform all analyzes and reporting exceptionally quickly and from one place.

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