1 + 1 = 3 | A merger, novelties and more

Silver Bullet Risk + Fermion

New Year brings new beginnings – this goes for us too! As with the right synergy, one plus one can be three or more, we proudly announce the merger of two risk management companies – Silver Bullet Risk and Fermion. With our joint market approach, we wish to offer to the domestic business environment the most complete range of services and modern risk management tools in one place.

Silver Bullet Risk is a well-established name for standardization and risk management among managers, while Fermion is the leading Slovenian company specializing in financial risks. By combining our vast knowledge and experience under one roof, we will now strive to offer our partners and customers even more.

For this purpose, we present the following:

In our environment, risk management is too often underestimated. However, global trends, including the ISO management standards, place it at the very heart of the modern management culture. That is why we wish to bring this specific knowledge closer to the Slovenian experts, and by understanding the impact of risks on your organization help you with better decision-making.

We announce the fifth full-day conference dedicated to enterprise risk management will take place on Thursday, April 18, 2019. The event will feature exceptional lecturers and offer you the most comprehensive industry insight.

We invite you to socialize and exchange opinions in our expert group on LinkedIn. If you are interested in managing your risks and wish to participate, follow this link.

It is important to us to offer you content that addresses real and existing challenges in your business environments. For this reason, we kindly ask you to fill in a short questionnaire, and share it among your colleagues, partners and clients who (in)directly deal with this area. Follow this link or click on the button below:

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In our team of risk management experts, we believe that good decisions occur when the same information is viewed from different people, and different angles. That is why are excited to hear your perspective and form our offer to better fit your needs.