The first step in ensuring your business's security is to know the risk factors that are currently present and those that may arise in the future

Some risks are easy to predict; however, this task can also be extremely challenging for those that remain hidden. By hiring a risk management consulting firm, you can identify all risks, assess the likelihood and impact, identify hazards to profitability, and develop a plan to mitigate exposure.

Why can you trust Silver Bullet Risk?


We are reputable experts in risk management with a wide range of knowledge who have enjoyed many organizations and companies’ trust for many years, both at home and abroad.


We continually improve our know-how and expand the range of offers and services to provide you with all the necessary knowledge and tools to solve your challenges actively.


As external consultants, we can look at your situation more broadly, offering you valuable, independent insight and guidance into the challenges that threaten your business survival.

Strengthen your business. We help you stay on track and actively tackle the risks that threaten the vitality of your business.

Our consulting services

Risk education for key employees

To ensure a proper risk culture and risk awareness in the organisation, it is important to educate at least the upper level personnel about risk. Preparedness to recognise new threats, prioritize risks, and communication about risk situation is imperative for management level personnel. We also assist in organizing the risk efforts within the company ensuring that risk becomes an integral part of the organization’s fabric.

Risk identification workshops

Often recognizing which risks the organization is really exposed to, is the hardest step in setting up systematic risk management effort. With our extensive experience in various industries, we help you find the risks hidden out of sight and to prioritize risks that are actually important. In short time with the company we can create a comprehensive catalogue of risk, which can be used as a platform for future analysis or immediate corrective actions.

Business continuity management systems

Despite all care in their control and management, some risks materialize and disrupt key operational and business processes. This has negative consequences for relations with customers and other stakeholders and causes financial damage. Business Continuity Management (BCM) systems are intended for an organized and systematic response to such situations, which are called damage events or incidents. They allow us to keep interruptions of key processes as short as possible and cause as little damage as possible, and maintain trust in our organization.

Risk analytics

In some cases, the risks exposures are very complex, and estimating their business impact takes more thorough analysis. We can help you to tackle the analysis of these risk, provide objective insight about your current exposure and teach you techniques how to continuously self asses your risk situation.

Digitalization of risk management and risk software support

In addition to risk consulting, we can provide modern enterprise risk management software, help with the implementation process and integration with other systems. By leveraging the knowledge base of our software partners, we can offer a one stop solution for the whole enterprise risk infrastructure.

Financial risk modelling

With our experience in banking and insurance risk management, we can tackle any financial risk with our vast modelling toolkit. We help you assess your credit risk situation from credit scoring, to portfolio loss models. We can also help you to estimate worst case losses from interest rate, exchange rate, commodity exposures.

Connecting risk with corporate finance

By understanding the risk situation of the company, one can better manage the capital and liquidity requirements and adopt the strategy accordingly. Having risk under check also improves the access to financing. Based on risk assessments we are able to negotiate better rates with banks and even refinance the old loans with improved terms.

Risk mitigation and hedging

By understanding the whole risk picture of the company, we can create most suitable hedging and risk mitigation strategies that deliver the highest risk reduction with the lowest possible investment.

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