13.10.2020, Igor Zgonc

Have you already adapted risk management strategy to COVID-19 and why is this so important?

What earlier this year looked like a disruption that will pass in a few weeks, has become the cause of a global crisis with long-term and unpredictable consequences. As a result, the risk assessments that were held a few months ago are certainly no longer valid in many activities today.

27.08.2020, Igor Zgonc

How to improve the practical applicability of risk management

In most companies and organizations in our country, risk management is limited mainly to administrative activity without real useful value.

06.08.2020, Igor Zgonc

Do you already know why to include risk management in the 2021 budget?

Why are new winners and new losers born in crises? The reasons for this can be attributed to the robustness of organizations, which shows us how prepared are they and how quickly they can adapt to possible new business models, different work-flows or upcoming technology. That is, how prepared are they for the new tomorrow, which can be much more diverse than today.

07.07.2020, Igor Zgonc

Marketing Creates Trust. Trust Reduces Risks.

Risk management is a topic that Slovenian marketing community rarely addresses. But a period is coming in which risk management will become an increasingly important business area and in which marketing can also find its place and role. How can marketing improve the impact it has on a company through risk management? Lovro Gruden (Indigo […]

14.05.2020, Božo Recko

Emergency situations require extraordinary review of the risk register

The path to a risk register that reflects credible and up-to-date- state of risks is a long and demanding one. However, it usually begins with an awareness of the presence of risks and their possible impact on the profit or loss, or the reason for it is an unpleasant event that left significant consequences on […]

06.04.2020, Božo Recko

9 Useful Tips for Business Continuity in Times of Crisis

The old Slovenian proverb goes:The fed crow does not believe the hungry crow. I often think of it when we talk about business continuity management or more specifically the likelihood of serious business interruptions. The possibility of events such as a large-scale earthquake, a prolonged power outage, an epidemic or pandemic across the country, a […]

26.03.2020, Igor Zgonc

Nothing lasts forever, nor will the crisis: plan today for success in the aftermath

In spite of warnings and alarming situations from abroad, one or two weeks ago none of us could imagine the full extent of the effects of the corona virus. In just a few days, we have shut down businesses, closed offices, relocate businesses to virtual offices as much as possible, found web applications and IT […]

12.03.2020, Niko Jarnberg

What is the effective risk control?

A crucial element of an effective risk management strategy is the setup of the risk control framework and identification of the appropriate KRIs (Key Risk Indicators). This task requires a precise definition of the objectives to select the potential elements that might hinder the achievement of those objectives. The process of identifying the KRIs may […]

26.02.2020, Božo Recko

Risk Management & Business Continuity: Is Your Business Ready for Disaster?

Ask yourself: Can you effectively continue your business after a fire, flood, earthquake or loss of your most important customers or suppliers? In light of the current spread of the coronavirus on a world-wide scale, it is possible that in many cases business continuity plans will have to be activated. As we know from media […]

29.01.2020, Niko Jarnberg

5 risk mitigation strategies and how to properly manage the risk mitigation

The ultimate purpose of risk identification and analysis is to prepare for risk mitigation which includes reduction of the likelihood that a risk event will occur, and/or reduction of the effect of a risk event if the latter does occur. This time, we will show you the strategies to reduce or mitigate such risk and […]