Business value of Silver Bullet Risk, an innovative risk management solution for organizations

Silver Bullet Risk - BLOG - ERM - Enterprise risk management

Every new solution in company’s business processes needs to deliver added value to all stakeholders in the organization, from leadership to employees.

Managing risks is one thing most companies look at only as a management value, without realizing that it needs to connect through every department in the organization.

Silver Bullet Risk solution introduces single solution, enabling stakeholders and responsible employees to contribute to the final key risk assessment.

Identifying and acting upon risks in your organization is one of the crucial processes in managing a successful company. And exposure to risks opens company’s vulnerability in vast array of processes, from strategic to operational, to financial performance.

That’s why every company’s leadership should ask themselves the following questions:

• How much profit is lost in the last five years due to not managed risks?
• Is there a systematic overview of all the potential risks that affect the company? How is a reliable analysis performed?
• Does the company’s management have access to the necessary aggregated information on the risk factors affecting EBITDA
• How much time and effort are spent on managing risks?

Answers to those questions can be provided through our Silver Bullet Risk innovative solution, where company’s economic information is accessible and transparent to all involved anytime, anywhere; through familiar work environment that enables all contributors to work seamlessly.

What is Silver Bullet Risk management tool?
Silver Bullet Risk is a risk management tool that is designed to meet the individual needs of any company, no matter the type or structure. It boosts work cooperation, economic transparency and state of the art risk management.

Its main purpose is not just compliance, but rather a direct impact on EBITDA!
With Silver Bullet Risk management tool, risk management team work is optimized as a result of tools ability to gather information on potential threads. Consequently, the company’s decision makers have constant access to holistic and up to date information on key risks impact on the company’s financial performance.
Decisions based on the concise overview of strategic, financial and operational risks can now be made more efficiently and in no time!

Silver Bullet Risk - BLOG - ERM - Enterprise risk management

It’s time to bring to light what is out of sight. Mitigate risks, create EBITDA!

Silver Bullet Risks is a tool that helps the company’s management, manage! Daily!


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